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Strange Glowing Disk Captured By Doorbell Camera Hovering Over Driveway

Light beam from flying UFO (alien spaceship). 3D rendered illustration.

Photo: iStockphoto

A home in Massachusetts captured a somewhat puzzling piece of doorbell camera footage that appears to show an odd glowing disk hovering over the driveway before darting away.

According to the individual who shared the video, the strange anomaly "suddenly appeared" in front of their friend's house at around 4 AM on May 4th and was "hovering, jumping, pulsating, and emitting a beam of light. Then, in a fraction of a second, took off rapidly leaving a light trail."

In the video, a disk-shaped object mysteriously appears over the driveway where it floats in the air for several seconds, with the glow's brightness increasing and decreasing.

Not long after appearing, the curious object eventually zips out of sight, leaving a small streak of light.

The color of the light is unknown since the video's unidentified source also mentioned that the "home security camera picks up infrared at night, so the color of the light is unknown. The size is unknown, but it could be about the size of a large beach ball."

Finally, they pointed out that the possible UFO was silent because the sound of crickets can be heard in the background of the video.

Some believe the homeowner captured footage of an alien spacecraft on a late-night excursion, while skeptical viewers suggest it could have been an out-of-focus bug that appeared out of the ordinary.

Others propose the video is a well-crafted hoax.

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