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Georgia Man Captures Photograph Of Smiling Sasquatch

A Georgia man snapped a rather curious photograph that appears to show a smiling Sasquatch hiding behind a tree.

According to reports, Jay Willson was exploring a wooded area in the city of Decatur this past May when he captured the curious image. He stumbled upon a series of strange tree 'structures' and began snapping pictures.

Willson recalled that the branches appeared to be bent into place by some kind of powerful force.

The Bigfoot enthusiast shared his discovery on social media and was shocked when someone pointed out a bizarre detail in one of the pictures.

In the photo, a form resembling the legendary Sasquatch sporting a smiling face can be seen hiding behind one of the trees.

According to Willson, other than the bent branches, he did not witness anything unusual at the time.

Skeptical viewers think the 'creature' is simply a trick of light and shadow.

However, Willson is positive he accidentally snapped a picture of a grinning Bigfoot.

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