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VIDEO: Ghost Speaks Through Alexa Smart Speaker

Ghost Speaks Through Alexa

Photo: Canva Pro

A somewhat creepy video is circulating online claiming to have caught footage of a ghost communicating through an Alexa Smart Speaker.

In the video, a man is sleeping on the couch when a series of strange banging noises rudely awakens him.

As he heads to the kitchen, the mysterious voice assistant randomly states, "she was my wife." To which the homeowner replies, "who was your wife?"

"You took her from me," Alexa continues.

The man claims he "didn't take anyone," and the smart speaker had "the wrong person."

Eventually, the men decided enough was enough and unplugged the device after it broke out in a disturbing laugh.

Some viewers believe a ghost was using the Alexa to communicate from beyond the grave. They even claim shadows are visible in the eerie footage.

Skeptical viewers aren't so convinced. One user states: "You have to address Alexa as Alexa before it'll answer you can't just conversate with it."

Another user posts: "You can look at your Alexa history and see what was asked… it's a shame this wasn't included."

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