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Odd 'Alien' Caught On Camera In Texas Driveway

Alien Entering Room, Backlit with Streaming Light

Photo: The Image Bank RF

A home security system in Texas captured a mysterious bipedal figure strolling across the driveway before disappearing into the night.

According to reports, the quick yet puzzling footage was recorded earlier this month outside Victoria Alvarez's home in the community of La Union.

Alvarez was confused by what she saw in the footage, so she shared the video with a local TV station, hoping someone could help identify the figure.

All sorts of theories have been shared online, with some suggesting it could be alien in nature.

Others compare the entity to the recent 'dog man' creature that was photographed by a trail camera outside the Amarillo Zoo.

However, skeptical viewers argue the 'alien' is most likely a would-be thief checking for unlocked cars, which explains why they were so fast to flee the scene.

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