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Ghost Drives Burning Bus Across Road

A video filmed in New Zealand shows the strange moment a burning bus inexplicably drives across a road on its own, and some think a ghost could have been behind the wheel.

According to reports, Craig Meek was visiting family last month when the incident occurred. He smelt gasoline and went outside to investigate.

That's when Meek saw a burning bus parked along the side of the road and started recording. While filming the fiery scene, he spoke to the vehicle's owner, who was concerned that it could explode and cause damage to the nearby neighborhood.

Suddenly, the bus lights went out, and it started on its own. With the horn blasting, the vehicle drove across the road to a less hazardous spot where the fire was unlikely to jeopardize any homes.

Meek says it happened at the "perfect time" since the flames started to burn a nearby hedge and believes the inferno could have "definitely taken out the house" next to where the blaze began.

During their conversation, the bus owner recalled adventures he and his late wife had in the vehicle over the years. Chillingly, he also mentioned the woman had passed away inside the bus.

After the bus made its odd trip across the road, the owner can be heard saying, "wonder if it's my wife taking it away," since she wanted to spare their neighbor's home.

Not everyone believes the peculiar event was paranormal, theorizing that the fire caused a short circuit in the vehicle's starter, which led to it 'coming to life' and rolling across the street.

Meek notes, "it's the timing that's bizarre," since the bus moved just moments before the blaze would have erupted and possibly taken out the neighboring home.

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