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The Most Famous Ghost Photographs Ever Taken - Part Three

Robert A. Ferguson - November 1968

The photo, taken in 1968, shows Robert A. Ferguson delivering a speech with the ghost of his deceased brother Walter peering over his shoulder. 

Since the image was captured with a polaroid camera, it's been deemed by many to be legitimate.

Girls in Manila - 2000's

The two girls in the photo, taken in Manila, Philippines, didn't report seeing anyone or feeling any presence when the photo was taken. 

According to reports, the picture was captured with a digital camera, so they say it couldn't have been the result of double exposure. 

Waverly Hills Sanatorium - 2006

In 2006, the image was snapped in an abandoned tuberculosis hospital in Kentucky.

In its heyday, the hospital saw an incredible amount of sickness and death, leading many to believe it could be haunted. 

According to reports, the eerie image depicts Mary Lee, a nurse who hung herself in the hospital. She was impregnated by a doctor who worked there, but he later wanted nothing to do with her.

A spooky ghost of a woman in the road below a single street light in the countryside. Lit up by car headlights at night. With a grunge, vintage, old edit

Photo: Moment RF

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