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Strange 'Humanoid' Creature Filmed Lurking In Kentucky Driveway

Man in fog

Photo: Moment Open

A pale humanoid-type creature was filmed lurking in the driveway of a Kentucky home, and the video is gaining attention online.

According to reports, Douglas Windsor McLoney III shared the video on social media last week and claimed it was recorded outside his cabin in the state's Red River Gorge area.

In the video, a strange white figure creeps along the driveway as if it's afraid of being seen.

"It doesn't move like a human. It moves almost like its knee caps are backward," McLoney said, "reminds me of Sméagol of Lord of the Rings."

Check out the video.

Some believe the entity could have been supernatural in nature, with some suggesting it could be the creature known as the 'rake.'

However, skeptical viewers argue the trespasser was simply someone attempting to rob the vehicles.

Others think the entire video is a clever hoax.

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