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Haunted Places In Florida

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Although it’s known for sunny and sandy beaches, Florida also has a sinister side.

From Jacksonville to Key West, some of the most haunted places are located right here in the Sunshine State.

Castillo de San Marcos 

St. Augustine

This former military fortress is infamous for some of its battles, and many believe the spirits of some Spanish soldiers still defend the fort to this day. Despite not having electricity, there have been reports of a light shining from a fixture in one of the watchtowers. The eerie encounters also include a particular Spanish soldier who has been seen standing on the edge of the fort. Those brave enough to visit the dungeon have reported the feeling of cold hands touching them. Visitors say they've captured glowing orbs and misty shapes that resemble bodies.

Biltmore Hotel

Coral Gables

Considered to be one of the most haunted hotels in Florida, the Biltmore Hotel first opened its doors in 1926. During World War II, it served as a military hospital. Hotel guests have reported lights switching on and off, elevators taking them to the wrong floors, and cryptic messages found on mirrors.

St. Augustine Lighthouse

St. Augustine

This iconic lighthouse, built in 1874, is said to be the home to at least three ghosts. First is the original lighthouse keeper, who fell to his death while painting the 165-foot tower. He's been spotted smoking cigars at the top of the lighthouse, keeping watch. Then, there are Hezekiah Pity's two daughters, who were playing with a building cart when it slid into the nearby water, drowning them. Some have reported the sounds of girls giggling and footsteps going up and down the steps. 

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