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Odd UFO Cluster Filmed Over Canadian Forest

Undefined flying objects in the sky. UFO.

Photo: iStockphoto

A cluster of odd glowing UFOs was filmed floating over a Canadian forest, and the video is leaving people scratching their heads.

According to reports, the bizarre video was shared on Reddit this week by someone claiming his brother-in-law captured the sighting late last month while working near Alberta's Brazeau Dam.

In the video, a pair of glowing orbs travel across the sky before being joined by a third orb.

Eventually, the UFOs disappear behind the clouds, leaving the witness confused about what he just saw.

Many viewers online suggest the UFOs were aliens visiting our planet.

Skeptical viewers argue the 'UFOs' could have been birds that looked extraordinary due to the angle which illuminated them at the time. However, not everyone agrees with that theory, saying they were too big to be birds and had a metallic appearance.

Others think the objects could have been drones or balloons.

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