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Doll Filmed Moving On Its Own At Notoriously Haunted Texas Hotel

Vintage doll on parquet floor in a dark room

Photo: iStockphoto

A creepy video captured by a guest staying at a notoriously haunted Texas hotel appears to show a doll moving on its own.

According to reports, the footage was recorded in late June at the Jefferson Hotel, which many believe is the home to multiple spirits.

A guest named Kyle was staying in one of the rooms decorated with various spooky dolls. Hoping to capture some ghostly activity, he positioned a camera to film the room while he was away. Well, he did.

In the video, the camera watches over an empty room. Next to the bed, a rather creepy doll is standing up against the wall.

Admittedly, at first, the movement is barely noticeable. However, upon closer review, the doll's head clearly appears from behind the pillow.

According to reports, the doll held that position for about one minute before inexplicably falling to the floor.

After seeing the video, the hotel owner said it was "probably the most incredible piece of footage that I've ever seen" from the building.

The hotel owner also mentioned that Kyle has stayed at the property before and doesn't believe any "trickery" was involved in the footage. He says strange events surrounding that particular doll have happened before.

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