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British Doctor Films Bizarre UFOs Floating Above His Home

The UFO shines on a male standing on the mountain

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A doctor in England captured a puzzling piece of footage that appears to show UFOs hovering above his home.

According to reports, the strange incident happened last Sunday in the community of Harborne. Dr. Mohamed Salama was taking his trash to the curb when he noticed something out of this world in the night sky.

"I saw a UFO flying very quickly in different directions over Harborne sky. It was very high in the sky, above the clouds," he remembered, "I never thought I would see something like this."

Salama quickly started filming the anomalies, describing them as "two balls of light flying very quickly in different directions."

In the video, two orbs can be seen floating together before one of them leaves the scene. Salama was able to film the remaining object for a decent amount of time, which can be seen randomly cruising around in the night sky.

The doctor, a UFO skeptic, admits he has changed his mind after the incident since he has no explanation for what he witnessed that night.

"I don't think it was a plane, drone, laser, or star because of how fast it moved and the way it maneuvered in different directions," Salama recalled, "it was truly bizarre and left me pretty baffled being a man from a science background."

Not everyone agrees the objects were extraterrestrial, suggesting they could have been lanterns or possibly a spotlight at a nearby event that looked unearthly due to the doctor's perspective on the ground.

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