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Ghost Filmed Running Past Open Door In Haunted UK House

Looking up at a spooky, blurred ghostly figure standing on top of a stairs. With an old, grunge textured edit.

Photo: Moment RF

A couple of tourists believe they captured the moment a ghost ran past an open doorway inside one of the UK's most haunted homes.

According to reports, the eerie sighting happened last weekend outside a top room at Birmingham's Aston Hall. The visitors were making their way upstairs, shouting for Mary, one of the home's most famous ghosts.

Mary is thought to be 'Grey Lady' Mary Holte, who was reputedly held prisoner by her father.

Towards the end of the video, a shadowy figure can be seen moving across the room as the group gasps in fear.

Eventually, one of the tourists attempts to introduce himself when the figure is suddenly seen again, zipping past the door as if it were pacing in the room.

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