Kindergartner’s Cocoa Stand Raises Money To Pay Off School Lunch Debt

After five-year-old Katelyn Hardee overheard another student’s mom say she was having a hard time paying for an after-school program, she asked her mom how she could help her fellow students.

So the little girl set up a cocoa and cookies stand and used her earnings to help others.

She donated the money she made to the Vista Unified School District in California, paying off the lunch debt for 123 students. “I don’t want people to be hungry,” the kindergartner says.

Katelyn has been recognized for her act of kindness with an award from administrators at her school, Breeze Hill Elementary.

Jamie Phillips, director of child nutrition services for her district says, “It is truly inspiring to see Katelyn’s compassion and generous nature utilized to help those less fortunate.”

Source:NBC News

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