Florida Woman Makes Over $8K A Month On OnlyFans Dressed As A Mermaid

Caucasian mermaid laying on rock near ocean

Photo: Getty Images

I think every little girl at one point wanted to be a Mermaid, and this Florida Woman made it into a reality, and she is making good money doing it. Emily Alexandra Guglielmo used to dream about being a mermaid and now she has made her dreams come true - earning $8,000 a month on OnlyFans!

Emily gets hired for children's parties, as well as high end events, and spends her days in swimming pools posting videos and photos to her all of her social media followers. However, she admits there is a sexier side to her profession too, as she revealed she gets contacted on OnlyFans by men who ask her to pose topless in her tail for them.

She has also gotten some pretty cool opportunities that do not involve her being topless! She's filmed national product commercials, has been on Playboy TV and worked on huge Hollywood movies including Magic Mike and Spring Breakers.

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