Giant Dog Sized Lizard Climbs Up Florida Home's Window


Photo: Getty Images

Giant Dog-Sized Lizard Seen Scaling Florida Home

As a Florida resident, Jocelyn Penson has seen her fair share of alligators and crocodiles. But nothing could have prepared her for a visit from "Godzilla."

Penson was visiting her son in Apopka earlier this month when she spotted a huge, dog-sized lizard scaling the window. "OMG! Look at this!" Penson wrote on Facebook alongside a video of the creature. "It looks like Godzilla to me!"

Actually, "Godzilla" is a Savannah Monitor Lizard, which is native to sub-Saharan Africa -- but not Florida, according to the Fish and Wildlife Commission. Experts suggest the lizard that turned up in Apopka was either a former pet or had been freed from a wildlife sanctuary by a hurricane.

What's the biggest animal you've seen in person?

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