Watch The Moment A Florida Man Jumps In Ocean To Retrieve Engagement Ring

Marry me

Photo: Getty Images

A Florida Man posted on his Facebook the heart dropping moment he fumbled an engagement ring into the ocean during his proposal. Luckily this dude has cat like reflexes!

The video shows Scott Clyne trying to take the engagement ring out of his back pocket but then fumbling it into the water. He then jumps into the water and catches it before it can go any deeper. 

"This is 100% real. 100% my luck. 100% will never forget....," Clyne wrote on the post. 

His girlfriend and another person on the boat are seen laughing as Clyne made his way back on the boat. Once things began to calm down a bit, Clyne resumes his proposal down on one knee and his girlfriend appears to say yes as she laughs off the moment and kisses him. 

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