Official Trailer For Netflix Series "Florida Man"

Welcome to Florida USA

Photo: Getty Images

Netflix just released the full trailer for the upcoming crime drama/comedy series “Florida Man,” and if you weren’t in a Sunshine State of mind before, you will be after this. The series combines, sex, drugs, crime, and sunshine!

So why's it called "Florida Man"? "As I grew up, I never stopped thinking about why Florida is Florida," series creator and showrunner Donald Todd told Tudum on March 27. "Florida is a thin layer of porous crust on top of a hundred feet of water, and it's maybe a few feet above sea level . . . it might all sink. So when you feel that everything is temporary, you take what you can when you can get it. A 'Florida man' is someone who's proudly independent and doesn't live by your code, which means he doesn't live by any code." He added, "[People] laugh at the mug shots and the headlines but what's the story behind the meme?"

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