Guy Proposes At Dodger Game And Gets Tackled By Security

Valentine's Day

Photo: Getty Images

A guy went viral after sprinting onto the field to propose to his girlfriend at Dodger Stadium and he got FLATTENED in a brutal tackle by a security guard!

This happened on opening day!  A bunch of fans filmed from Ricardo Juarez jumping the barriers at Dodger Stadium and running into the outfield, before turning to face the crowd and his girlfriend.

In a romantic gesture that has surely now ended in a stadium ban, he then proceeds to get down on one knee to make his proposal.

But before he can get an answer from the stands, a security guard comes charging from out of shot, slamming him to the ground, before he is joined by his colleagues to hold the man down and then drag him away.

She said "YES"! After getting sacked like that she should lol!

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