Jimmy Buffett's Last Words Let The Family Know The Party Wasn't Over

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Jimmy Buffett's final message to his family encapsulated the message he had sung about for decades. His sister claims the legend didn't want to rest in peace. Lucy "LuLu" Buffett wrote a reflection for the Keys Citizen newspaper. She reveals Buffett's last words, "Bubba," her nickname for him. The family hasn't said if he spoke to others later, but he got to say goodbye to almost everyone. "We had a beautiful goodbye visit earlier in the week," Lulu says. "He had my grandfather’s twinkle in his eye to the end, and he was very clear that the music, the party, and the good life was to continue with his robust optimism in tow." The article details her mourning and reflections on her brother's full life. LuLu Buffett talks about their upbringing and how their strong work ethic led to a successful career while prioritizing family life. Buffett didn't make a big deal of his skin cancer diagnosis, even during treatment. "He was the best at moving on after hard news," she writes. In the end, she says the family needed a miracle to save his life but decided that having four years with him after his diagnosis was the miracle.

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