Florida Strip Club Employee Used Stack Of Cash to Assault A Cheap Customer

Low Section Of Dancer On Strip Club

Photo: EyeEm

A strip club patron in Port St. Lucie, Florida, is seeking legal justice after being hit in the face with a stack of cash by a female worker... I'm on the girl's side!

Police responded to investigate the battery at Body Talk, where the victim explained he had not tipped the employees since he didn’t know he was supposed to, but according to employees he'd been bragging about how much money he makes, but didn't want to tip . . . and told them there weren't "any signs stating it was MANDATORY. Employee, Victoria Jones, told sheriff’s deputies that McKelvey “was drunk and being rude” and had been “following employees from table to table verbally insulting them.” The employees reportedly got upset about the lack of tips, leading to a confrontation with the victim, who was allegedly drunk and verbally insulting. Jones claims she tossed the money in a non-aggressive manner, stating, "This is a place where money is thrown everywhere." However, surveillance footage recorded the incident and seemed to tell a different story. Victoria was arrested for misdemeanor battery.

Check out the full story here: https://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/stupid/stack-cash-battery-653980

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