Drunk Florida "Karen" Nearly Drives Over Herself During Road Rage Incident

Welcome to Florida USA

Photo: Pgiam / E+ / Getty Images

A Florida woman with a case of road-rage caught a dose of instant karma when she got out of her car to confront another motorist!

Video of the incident posted on Reddit shows the woman, dressed in a white tank top and Miami Marlins baseball cap, accosting the other driver as he filmed their encounter.

“What are you tweaking about?” the male motorist inquires as the woman opens her car door to scold him for allegedly “spinning and swerving” on the road, claiming to have an “82-year-old man” as her passenger. A few words were exchangedm and she then throws open her door and emerges from her car to challenge his assertion, but before she can even stand up straight, her sedan starts rolling away without her realizing it.

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