Crowd Surfing Guy in a Wheelchair Joins the Foo Fighters On Stage

A cool moment happened at the Foo Fighters show at the Sziget Festival in Hungary. Dave Grohl spotted a guy in a wheelchair crowd surfing, so he invited him up on stage for the rest of the concert.

In the fan filmed footage (below), Grohl said, "He's the star of the show right there! You want to come and watch the show from up here?" The band played "Everlong" and at the end of their set, Grohl let the guy smash his guitar!

There was also a girl he spotted blowing bubbles in the crowd. He referred to her as "Bubble Girl" and invited her up on stage as well.

Just another reason why the Foo Fighters are one of my favorite bands!

WARNING: Video is loaded with F bombs, so it's NSFW!

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